miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Your interesting Halloween questions

- Do you make special food for Halloween?
- Do you like to watch scary movies for Halloween?
- Do you like to scare people on Halloween?
- Do you like to carve pumpkins?
- What are your favourite Halloween monsters?
- Do you have any costumes for the Halloween party?
- How many costumes do you have?
- Do you like Halloween parties?
- Do you give candies to children on Halloween?
- Do you like to decorate your house for Halloween?

- Did you carve pumkins last year?
- Did you carve a melon last year?
- Did you trick or treat on Halloween last year?
- What was your costume last year?
- Did you have fun on Halloween last year?

- Is Halloween a festival only from North America or is it from other countries?
- When did Halloween celebration start?
- Is Halloween a festival from Granada?
- Did your parents celebrate Halloween when they were 11 years old?
- What can you do on Halloween?

martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Autumn texts

Alberto's text:
Autumn is a very beautiful season: it is not cold but it is not hot. It has a mild temperature. Autumn has four months: September, October, November and December. Autumn starts in September.
In October it is the Virgen del Pilar celebration. In November I can eat chestnuts. I like them very much. The best of all comes just after autumn. It is Christmas just after autumn, in December.
Do you know that autumn is fall in the USA?