viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

Answer the questions about Laura, Sonia, Sonia Otero and Xaro's weekend

Where did Sonia go on Friday evening?

How did Xaro go to Lecrin Valley? And Why?

Why did Laura wake up early on Saturday morning?

What did Sonia Otero do on Saturday afternoon?

Why did Sonia go for a long walk on Friday evening?

Why didn't Xaro go in the Alhambra theatre?

What did Laura have for lunch on Sunday?

What does Laura say about the restaurant called “Atracón”?

What did Sonia Otero and her friends do at the birthday party?

Why did Sonia go to bed early on Friday evening?

What did Xaro finally do on Sunday evening?

What did Laura do on Saturday evening?

What did Sonia Otero see on Sunday morning? What is it?