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Trip to the Albayzin Quarter

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Miguel's text:
"On Thursday we were in a school trip  to "The Albaicín". In The Albaicín we   visited  "El Aljibe Del Rey" , "El Mirador De San Nicolás" ,  Albaicín  Mosque and we also were in Xaro's house.We  went to the trip with the other class , Josefina , Magdalena, Xaro and Ceyhan.

It was so good because we visited  very interesting places.The two thinks that I like the most were when we visited the Albaicín Mosque and when we went to Xaro's house.I liked to be in the mosque because I learned a lot of thinks about muslims"

Carmen's text:

Laura's text

"The other day we went to the Albaycin with the class. It was so beautiful.We saw a lot of things like  beautiful gardens. We went to Xaro's house, there we saw two little cats.
We ate some "salaillas" They were so good. We visited El Carmen del Aljibe del Rey, there were a lot of gardens and some "aljibes". A girl explained us all the interesting things we saw.
When I went to my house I told my parents all about my trip to the Albaycin.They said that The Albaycin is so beautiful and that they like it a lot. It was so interesting and beautiful. I will visit it a lot of times!!!

Derin's text

"The Albaicin trip
I like this trip a lot. We visited a lot of places. We saw Casa de Porras,I think it is a beatiful place. The Aljibe de Trillo is one of the most important aljibes. 
We visited Xaro's house.She has got two kitties.They are so cute.
The next place was Carmen del Aljibe del Rey, it is a tipical garden of Granada. The legend says a ghost lives inside the aljibe.
At the end of the trip ,we were listening the silence when the people are praying the Koran.
When I told my parents about the Albaicin trip they were very happy.
It was very fun!"

Eduardo's text

"In this school trip I really had a good time.  We went to many places like the Mirador de San Nicolás , Xaro´s house ( whith her two kitties ) ,the Aljibe del Rey ...  . Iit was so fun and so good for every body . 
I had a good experience  . The part I like the most is when we went to the mosque to listen how they pray, it was so good because we were in silence to listen to them. I was very impresed because Alex , Noel and Zarco were in silence too.
I  also liked when Xaro bougth "salaillas" for eveybody , they were delicious .

When I told my parents  , they told me it was so cool  and that it was very interesting ; they were excited to know more."

Carmen M's text

"The 10th of November the class of 6thA and 6thB went to the Albayzin with Xaro, Josefina and Magdalena. My partner was Alicia.
We went to Xaro´s house, it is beautifull. Xaro has two cats, they are beautiful, their names are Shao and Mel. Later we went to El Carmen del Aljibe del Rey, I like it a lot.
We saw San Nicolás view point, it has a beautiful view of the Alhambra. We saw a mosque, and we listened as the Muslims prayed.
At 14:00 o´clock I told my parents about this trip and they said that it is fantastic.
I felt content on this trip!!!"

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The Albayzin neighborhood has been declared by UNESCO as a protected cultural site through its World Heritage program, which identifies unique and significant cultural places and activities in order to preserve them. Flamenco music and dance as a whole has just recently been added to this list because both are examples of 
intangible cultural heritage. There are severals flamenco shows in the gypsy Zambras
Flamenco shows