lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

Good bye Los Cármenes School

Chloe's Primary School experience

I don't have a lot of memories from my primary school, but here is what I remember:

I enjoyed primary school a lot. I spent seven years in primary school, from when I was four and a half to when I was eleven years old. We called the classes 'Primary 1', 'Primary 2' etc. In my school, there was one Primary 1 class, one Primary 2 class etc. It was quite a small school.

My teachers in primary school were fantastic. I had a class teacher, who taught language, maths etc, a music teacher, an art teacher and a P.E teacher. In Primary 6 and Primary 7, we started to learn a new language. In Primary 6 I learnt some German, but then in Primary 7 we had to change to French. I enjoyed the language classes because we played games; they were really fun.

To talk about sports, in physical education we played sports. Once or twice, we played sports like cricket and American Football. Normally, we did gymnastics, dancing, playing games, running, or we played football or netball etc. On Tuesday afternoons, there were no classes. We played football or netball. I always played netball with my friends. Netball is a popular sport in the UK, similar to basketball, but it is not possible to bounce the ball, or run with the ball in your hands. You must throw the ball from one player to another, then try to throw the ball into the net, which is on a tall metal post.

The playground of my primary school was very big. We had a netball court. The ground of the court was hard. We had a grass football pitch. There were other grass areas to play around the building, with a few trees and a garden. I loved running around the playground.

My primary school had a uniform. The uniform was a blue jumper with the school logo, a white t-shirt or shirt, grey trousers and black shoes. It was possible for girls to wear skirts and dresses, and for boys it was possible to wear shorts. We had to wear different shoes in the school, called gym shoes.