viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

Today we celebrate Peace Day at Los Cármenes School

Peace Day

Today it's the 30th of January and we celebrate Peace Day. We celebrate it today because a crazzy Indian killed Gandhi. Gandhi was a very important person in India. He loved peace. He fought with no violence. He wanted to fight the English army with no violence. He won the Nobel Prize.

The symbols of peace are: the white dove, a circle with a dove leg inside and we also represent peace showing a V with our pointer and midle fingers.

I think that all the people have to make an effort to reach peace. If peace doesn't exist the wars destroy the world. The war kills people... but with peace all the people are nice, noboby kills anybody... That proves that peace is better than war. In peace time people create better things for the people.

By Aurora and Ángel

lunes, 26 de enero de 2015

Our Peace Resolutions


4th A
The English Time: “We will be peaceful people”
The Super English Kids: “We will share our things with our friends”
The Lions: “We will play with all the people”
Adventure Time : “We will do more good actions”
The White Tigers: “We will not fight”

4th B
Stars: “We will not insult other people”
The Tiger Eye: “We will help all groups and we will not fight with our friends and family”
The Leopards: “We will help to the others more and we will not hit to the others”
The Winners: “We will give the clothes we don need to Caritas, to help poor people”
The Brilliants:

5th A
The Best: “We will not use weapons”
The Eagles: “We will be good citizens”
The Fire: “We will be peaceful”
The Little dogs: “We will not insult anybody”
The Tigers: “We will help other people”

5th B
The Hot Dogs: “We will not cause more troubles”
The Winners: “We will help poor people”
Flying cats: “We will not fight and we will not insult other people”
American Minions: “We will not say swear words to other people and we will not hit to the other when we are angry”
Blue Dragons: “We will not fight and we will not be bad students”

6th A:
The Wolves: “We will stop fights. We will help people that need it and we will start world peace”
The Sharks: “We will respect people, their traditions and religions”
The Whiters: “We will be nice with the enviroment”
Fire Dragon: “We will not waste food”
Mega Empire: “We will protect our family and friends”

6th B
The Killers: “We will be happy and we will help others more”
Fantastic 5s: “We will be better people by helping other people”
Super Brains: “We will help other people”
The Animlas: “We will show our love to people.We will be happy and we will help others more”
The Joints: “We will not think bad about other people”

sábado, 10 de enero de 2015