sábado, 26 de enero de 2013



PEACE DAY by Alex, Laura, Alberto V, Amparo, Manuel and Miriam

The 30th of January we celebrate peace day because it is the anniversary of Ghandi´s death. He was killed the 30th of January 1948, when he went to a religion meeting. He was a very special person because he was a leader of peace.

The peace symbol is a white dove. Peace is respect and freedom for all the people. I think peace is the best think in this world. Peace is love to everybody. I hope some day all people will live in peace.

The war is not good, it is horrible because there are explosions, blood, death...There are inocent people who die because violent people, but there are also good people, pacific people and good countries that they are not in war. All people together will make a better world!

I would like all people living in peace everyday. I would like a better world, without war and with no killed people.
Yes we can! 

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