jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

Don´t forget to change the time by one hour next Saturday

Twice a year many countries in the world decide to change the time by one hour. We do this because we want to use more light from the sun. It's easier for people who work outside if we change the time. It's better for people that have to do a lot of driving too.
We change the time at the end of October and March. In October we make the time one hour earlier and in March, one hour later.

  • Most people change their clocks the night before. 
  • Most people have four or five clocks to change.
  • Computers will automatically change the time for users.
  • The first day after the change in October you can stay in bed for another hour. Excellent!
HOMEWORK: Copy and answer these questions, or write a text with your answers.
  1. How many clocks do you have in your house?
  2. When did you change your clocks? Who changed them?
  3. Did you change the time on your computer? Why?
  4. When did you go to sleep on Saturday?
  5. When did you get up on Sunday?
  6. How many hours did you sleep?
  7. Do you like  the change? Why?

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