miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Kati's mother and Thomas' timeline

Kati's mother

“Kati's mother is a wonderful woman! She is very smart and funny. She and Kati think she is funnier than her dad- but he doesn't seem to agree!- She and Kati love to meet new people , make new friends and dance! She loves Chinese food and ice cream, but once in a while. She likes to eat very healthy food, so when Kati goes home she does the same! She doesn't cook with olive oil, just water!

Kati's mum name is not “her mum” but Laura Travis Kushner. She is a little bit shorter than her and she has blue eyes and short brown hair. She was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and she has lived there her whole life. She is retired now, but she was a guidance counsellor for 36 years.

Kati's mum is usally right, but Kati didn't realize it until Kati got older. Maybe one day when we're 23 and living in a foreign country, we will realize that about our mum too.

Kati loves and misses her very much!<3”

Thomas' timeline

Alex' timeline