domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Did you enjoy your End of the School Year Trip?

Were you happy  in the End of the School Year trip?
Where is the camp?
Did you have fun in Cazorla?
Was it fun or boring?
What did you do there?

Did you meet any interesting people in Cazorla?
Did you make any new friends?
What did you do on your first day?
Wich was your favourite instructor? Why?

What activities did you do in Cazorla?
What were your favourite activities in this trip? Why?
Did you walk a lot?
Where did you go?

Did you sleep well?
Who did you sleep with?

Did you eat fish?
What did you eat?

What did you do in your free time?

Did you like the journey from Granada to Cazorla? Why?
When did you come back to Granada?

Did this experience change you?
Are you the same person after this trip?

viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

Our TV experience

This Monday we went to a TV contest called Are You Ready?
We went to the studios in Mollina (Málaga), to participate in the program at 7:30. We took part vs San Roque school. It is a school from Churriana de la Vega.

We arrived to the studio about 9 o'clock. First they taught us Are you ready dance and we did a rehearsal of all the contest.

Later we had four tests: The first called Web music, the second called Secret word,the third called Magic box and the forth called Sticky eggs. Some questions were easy but other were difficult and we made some mistakes, anyway, we were lucky!

We were not very nervous but some of us had hysterics. We liked the program because of the songs and because we had a lot of fun!

When we won we had to make many takes. We were there about three hours.

At half past twelve we took pictures with Felipe (the program presenter) and he wrote autographs for the kids. We liked him, but we didn't like his English because he didn't pronunce it very well.

By Laura, Manuel, Miriam, Paula, Yoana, Linda and Alex

Los Cármenes en ARE YOU READY?

domingo, 8 de abril de 2012


On Monday morning my cousin Pablo came to my house to play with my brother and me. In the afternoon I went to my grandmother's house to make Easter Doughnuts.
On Tuesday morning I was very nervious because in the evening we went to see my new uncle's house. In the evening we went to see that house and... it's bigger than my house!
On Wednesday my parents and I went to see a few processions. In the evening my cousins from Málaga came to my grandmother's house.

Now I'm doing my homework with my cousins. And this evening I will go to the cinema to watch "La invención de Hugo".

Tomorrow we will relax during the morning, and in the evening we will make a barbecue in my new uncle's house.
On Saturday I will go to the beach to eat fish. In the afternoon I will go to my other uncle's house.
On Sunday I will find chocolate eggs with my cousin.

This holidays were, are and will be fantastic!

( I wrote this text on Thursday in my notebook).
By Alberto Vega Lozano