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End of the primary school trip

What will the weather like in Cazorla?

Cazorla National Park

More information about Cazorla

Do you remember Thomas? 
He loves to travel and he is an expert. Last year, he gave the students some good advice:

 Tomas' advice
1. Always pack your suitcase the day before your trip.
2. Always look for the weather of your destination.
3.You can't need a lot of shirts, pants and shoes but don't forget that underwear and socks are more important.
Don´t forget your toiletries, money and your travel documents.


Why do you go to Cazorla for your End of the Primary School Trip?
When do you go?
How many days will you stay there?

Where is the camp?
How do you go?
Do you know Cazorla?
What will you do there?

Who will prepare your suitcase? When will  ..........  prepare it?
Do your friends go with you?
Where will you sleep? 
Will you miss your bed?
With whom will you sleep with?

What are your favourite activities in Cazorla?
Will you walk a lot?
Will you swim?
Will you eat lentils?
What will you like to eat?
What will you drink?
What will you have for breakfast?

What will you do in your free time?
Will you miss your parents? Will you call them?
Will you watch TV?
Will you miss something from your house?
 Will you have a shower? When?

Are you scared of darkness?
Are you scared of wild animals?
What is the lantern for?

How much money will you bring?
Will you buy sweets?
Will you buy any present for your family?

Will you meet new people there?
Will you pay attention to the monitors?

When will you come back to Granada?
Will this experience change you?
Will you be the same person after this trip?

2012 Trip to Cazorla 

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    1. Hello 6th Graders! I hope you are excited for your trip to Cazorla! I have some revisions for Tomas's List for the 2014 Graduating Class

      Packing List

      -5 or 6 shirts
      -3 or 4 pairs of pants
      -1 or 2 sweatshirts
      - 6 pairs of socks
      - hiking Boots
      - sleeping bag
      - towel
      - toiletries
      - insect repellant
      - a hat
      - make-up and a dress (for the girls)
      - a nice button down shirt (for the boys)
      - ipod for the bus
      - a book
      - 1 nice pair of shoes
      - pajamas (1 or 2 pairs)


      - PACK LIGHT!
      - take an extra bag for the bus
      - bring extra money
      - always pack your suitcase the night before
      - make sure you have everything on the list

      If there is anything I'm forgetting, tell me!

      I am so excited for you all to have this experience. When I was in 6th grade, we went on a very similar trip. We sang songs, told stories, hiked, and enjoyed one of our last times together. This will be a very special trip for you all, so have a great time!